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I graduated yesterday and it was probably the most amazing feeling I've had in my life. Here are pictures of some of my favorite people/friends and I afterwards...

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Haha, Adam's so tall he had to duck to get into the picture. My head is like, at his shoulders.

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ROOMMATE!! Elizabeth is my roommate for college next year.

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Geoffry! Aww... I'll miss him coming to my locker and being silly everyday.

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JC is going into the marines and that sucks because I don't want him to get hurt or die. He's so funny and I'm really gonna miss him.

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Kyle! Silly kid.

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Aww, Melissa. She's my madrigal buddy... but there is no more madrigal. :( I love you Melisssa!

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It's a Timmy!

Yes, I know. I look the same in each pic. I made fun of myself after I realized that.
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